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Gordon Donnelly

Gordon Donnelly is a college hockey washout turned SEO & content marketer. He’s a sucker for: fly fishing, mudslides, and Jim Morrison driving around aimlessly in the desert.

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The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022

Don’t have the budget for a videographer? We've got 12 tools to make your life easier.

Are You Ready for Mobile-First Indexing? 5 Things to Check Now

Google's mobile-first indexing deadline has arrived! Is your website optimized to rank with this algorithm change? This post clarifies what the mobile-first indexing update means and provides some steps you can (and should) take now to ensure your site is not negatively impacted.

The Top 10 Online Marketing & Advertising Stories of 2020

We look back at the top 10 digital marketing and online advertising stories of 2020, from COVID-19 to the Page Experience Update to the new search terms report and much more.

What Is Lazy Loading? Understanding Lazy Loading for SEO

Page loading speed is crucial for SEO these days, and lazy loading can make your website load faster. What is lazy loading? Learn how lazy loading works, how to implement it, and whether you need it for your site.

Core Web Vitals: The Page Experience Update Is Coming, And It Could Be A Big One

Google's page experience update is coming, and it could be a big one. Learn what Core Web Vitals are, what exactly the page experience update entails, when it will happen, and how you can prepare for this potentially landmark shift.

Introducing Growth Academy: Free, On-Demand Digital Marketing Courses

WordStream's launched its latest offering Growth Academy, an easy-to-use, on-demand digital marketing training platform. Growth Academy courses are led by WordStream's industry experts, and these lessons will help you reach any marketing goal—for free.

What to Do About BERT & Google’s Recent Local Algorithm Update

Two big Google algorithm updates took place in the past two weeks: BERT and Possum, a local algorithm update. Learn exactly what these updates mean and how you should respond to them.

Responsive Display Ads to Replace Legacy Display Ads: Here’s What It Means

Responsive display ads are replacing legacy display ads in your Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns. Learn why Google is making the switch, and what you should do to prepare for it.

5 Things You Need to Know About Discovery Ads

Discovery ads allow advertisers to target prospects in the moments in which they’re most open to finding something new. Here are five vital things you need to know about them.